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Authors' Guidelines

Subject Matter
Articles should deal with the process, discipline and practice of Business Analysis/Project Management within any company or other organizations in the public and private sectors. We also welcome articles about related subjects such as, leadership, communications, team building, and people skills.  

We are also very interested in case studies, detailing what went into analyzing and managing projects, problems and solutions along the way, and the final outcome. You might also like to discuss the positives and negatives and what you might do differently next time.

Content should be original and not previously published

Articles should not be used as a promotional platform for your products or services.  Links to your website, product, or service are allowed only in your bio.  Any links in the body of the article to your website, product, or service will be removed.  Any other reference (to a previous or supporting article) will be reviewed and included at the discretion of the editor.


Generally, contributions should be 800-1,000 words in length plus about a 50- word biography including a contact point for readers. Shorter or longer articles are welcome but should be discussed with the editor before submission, if they are considerably longer or shorter. Illustrations, photographs, diagrams and charts are welcome.

Editorial Style
We are quite flexible regarding style; to some extent it will be influenced by the subject matter. We feel that a relatively informal style helps make a piece more reader-friendly and, thus, better read. Humor is fine if it helps to make a point.

Editorial Approval
We are not afraid to address controversial issues, but all contributions are subject to the approval of the publisher and editor. We do not allow marketing or self-promotion in the articles (no links to your personal blog or links to your service).  Any necessary editing for length or content is normally done in conjunction with or by the author. The publisher and editor retain final right of approval.

Please note we cannot guarantee that your article will be published.

Status Explanation
When you submit an article you will be able to see its status when you return to the contribution page.  You will see one of the following:

  • New Submission: You have submitted your article and it is in the queue to be reviewed by the editor
  • Under Review: The editor is reviewing your article
  • Deferred: The editor has chosen not to publish the article at this time
  • Approved: The article is approved for publication

Format and Timing
Contributions should be supplied as a plain Word document with no underlying formatting or styles applied.

Project Times is published every Wednesday with a copy due date of the previous Thursday. Please let us know if you have a problem with a deadline, and we'll work something out.

Important Note
Please include your name - or your representative's name - and phone number and e-mail address on the actual manuscript.


Many thanks.